Should You Buy Backlinks in 2018? Complete Guide

Buying Backlinks in 2018

When it comes to SEO, backlinks are the most important. Getting backlinks for your website is very important, typically as much as it has ever been.

If you are facing problems when it comes to the search traffic, it is probably mainly because you are not keeping any on building backlinks. And one of the most asked and most important question that arises here is what can be done to attract backlinks. Can backlinks be purchased in the year 2018?

Will the paid backlinks hurt your website on Google or help it? This detailed guide on backlinks would help you in figuring out all that. We will also tell you about why it is necessary and important to purchase backlinks, and give you some very interesting tips and information. So sit tight and keep reading because you will be digging into a lot of helpful details.

Importance of Purchasing Backlinks

In order to make your website rank higher compared to the other sites, it should have a lot of quality approved backlinks. That will enable it to rank higher on the search engine. Wondering why it is important to get backlinks in 2018? Here are a few of the obvious benefits and beyond

  1. Improve the rank of your search engine: inserting quality links on your content from other websites, will naturally make your site rank higher on the search engines.
  2. Your site is indexed by Google whenever you update something on your site, for instance a blog posy, comments or a video. However the search engine crawls your site and if it comes across any backlinks, your site is indexed automatically. The more the links, the better the rate of crawling on your site will be, which is very good when it comes to the SEO of your website.
  3. Traffic: Backlinks help you in getting a lot of referral traffic. You need a search engine from all the popular sites as well, other than the conventional, Google, Bing and yahoo. A link that is placed well on a site that is authoritative will enable you to get referral traffic. Driving the targeted traffic to your site.
  4. Authorize your brand: getting links for popular websites will build the authority of your brand. Just like on Google, the audience will also show interest in the products and content that are by you, if the authority links of your website are seen on other sites.
  5. Creating new relationships: whenever your audience comes across a good article or content on other sites, seeing a backlink to yours, they will not be able to prevent checking out your site as well. They will definitely take a look at it in most cases. They will also be taking a measurable action on your website, like signing up for your newsletter, eventually connecting with you and building a good relationship.

What to avoid while buying backlinks?

There are some backlinks that should not be used by you. Such as backlinks from public networks, because Google easily spots them.

The outbound links are irrelevant and content is short, which is despised by the Google panda algorithm.

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