SEO Starter Kit!

SEO Starter Kit!

You are interested in SEO but just like most of the people you are scared and don’t even know the basics of it. You’re aware of the complexity though, which intimidates you. In order to be sure, there are tons of independent variables that have an impact on the rankings of your site and visibility of search engine.

Although a very big budget is not required, neither is experience and practice worth many years. The slightest of investment in your SEO can also help you in your business for more visibility and traffic.

Following are the components that are required.

A good SEO plugin for the website

First of all, you need a website that is decent, which should be one of your first efforts. However, if you want things to be simple, use a website builder such as WordPress. Many website builders like this one are inexpensive and easy to use. For instance, they will be coded in a neat, clean and easy to crawl way. Moreover, they will also be responsive, so you won’t need to worry about a separate strategy for the mobile optimization. You should also consider getting a separate plugin for SEO, which will enable you to do technical tasks like the optimization of title tags, meta descriptions and pinpointing of the density of the keywords.


The next important thing is the niche that should be chosen very carefully. The keywords targeted should also be chosen carefully because in the end you are competing with the world. Businesses that have a much bigger budget plan and have been in the field since a long time. It is better to focus on a niche that is specific and relevant to your customers.

To do so, you will have to do your research on the relevant keywords. Don’t go fancy, just target the basic ‘head’ keywords and ‘long-tail’ keywords.


You are going to have to optimize your site next. Although your website builder will set you up with fundamentals, you need to add content of your own as well. You page should be organized into categories and sub categories, which should include the titles of the page and the target keywords. Make sure your site has a few hundred relevant and well written content.


One other important thing for a new SEO strategy is taking off high quality and regular content marketing campaign. Aim towards producing at least two new posts per week, covering relevant topics. Provide information that is detailed and helpful, which hasn’t been posted by your competitors. Originality and practicality matter a lot, so refine and stick to your editorial calendar.

Building Campaign

Apart from the optimization on site optimization and content marketing, link building is another important strategy. It is known as off site optimization otherwise. The link’s quality and quantity determine the overall authority, which signifies the rank of your site for various search queries. Although don’t spam the off-site links. Focus on writing content that is valuable for the external publishers. You should also be establishing your author profile and expertise on the side. It’ll help you earn at least one link back to your site this way, within a period of time. You will develop your authority to rank higher.

Social Media Integration

Conflicting a popular concept that social media does not have a direct relationship to your search rankings. However, it can indirectly affect the success of your SEO campaign. So, make sure you promote your content regularly on all the social media handles. Earning more shares and links to those blog posts will help you boost your search visibility.

You will also earn more followers, which can become an additional stream of traffic to your website.

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