SEO Basics-Tips for Beginners

SEO Basics Tips for Beginners

Most of us are aware about SEO but we really don’t know much detail. However, having the basic idea of what it is can enable us to research further and excel our skills. People are always concerned the most about SEO basics, especially if they are a startup business. This article is an overview of some of the important things related to Search Engine Optimization. It is a mandatory tactic when it comes to marketing and if you want your site to rank on Google. SEO Tools service is also mandatory for more traffic to the websites.

Knowing these things will help you in having a strong command over understanding what SEO is.

What is SEO and its importance?

You must have most likely heard about SEO but if you haven’t, you can do a quick definition search.

SEO is, “the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results.”

However, it does not really help you and your business when it comes to the important questions. These questions include,

  • Getting to know how you and your company’s site and optimize for search engines
  • how much time you should be spending on SEO?
  • what is the difference between good and bad SEO? How would you know which category yours lies under?

Although, what is interesting is how you would divert the traffic to your website using SEO leverage, which is what we will be focusing on and talking about right now.

Why is SEO worth caring for?

People, many of them, search for things. the traffic is very important in determining whether your business is powerful or not. And that’s not just because of the traffic, it is also because of the specific kind of traffic.

If you are a laptop seller, it is better that you just buy a billboard, so everyone who drives on that road sees it through their car. But that wouldn’t help those who are actually searching to buy laptops, which is something that you offer.

Similarly, people directly search for things that are related to your business. In addition to that, they are also searching for things that are beyond your business. This develops an opportunity for you to connect with more people and answer their questions, solve their problems and become a trusted resource for them.

What works to divert traffic?

The first and foremost thing that you should be aware of is that google is the mastermind behind generating all the search engine traffic all over the world. However, there is always a flux in the actual members. It varies from niche to niche, but Google is most like the dominant player in the search engine.

Other than that, it does not matter what search engine you use, the results keep changing constantly. Google has posted a lot about how you can make your websites rank and they are both cheap and easy.

So, what helps? How do you generate all the traffic on your site? Here is how.

  • Google prefers pages that have relevant information related to what people search for.
  • They determine whether your site is relevant by reading the content on your site and by evaluating it algorithmically. Whether the content that is being searched for is relevant or not.
  • They determine quality through a number of things. For example, hyperlinks. If your site is only linked to blogs, compared to someone’s else’s, which is linked to CNN, theirs will be preferred.
  • Other things such as how people engage to your site. Do they bounce back or click another page’s link? Or they just ignore your list when it pops up on the search result.
  • The speed of your site and mobile friendliness also matters.
  • Lastly, how unique your content is also important.

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