The Best Spy Tools of 2020

The word spy usually signifies certain things, either a person in a black suit that you hired to spy on your psycho ex or spying on an alleged criminal. Moreover, you see them using all the fancy gadgets with their side kick, making people drool over their abilities.

However, it is a very different thing in business. Spying in this field means keep track of your opponent’s strengths and their weaknesses. This enables people to plan their next move and come up with better business goals.

In this technological era, literal everyone uses the internet for business marketing and spying does not mean that you have to hire someone to physically do the job for you by keeping an eye on the competitors.

Following are some of the spying tools to keep an eye on your competitors.


AdPlexity is one of the most popular spy tools of the world and it is divided into sox categories. The users can purchase the tool that they feel serves their needs. The ads include mobile advertisement, desktop and native advertising, push and adult adds, along with e-commerce.

In addition to that, AdPlexity is one of the first advertising spy tools, which contains more than 700k of ad creatives in thirty-one countries. In addition to that, it has hundred networks.

AdPlexity looks for the successful candidates and filters them using keywords, advertisers, member networks and publishers. After screening it can see the relevant landing pages, external websites and advertisement activities.


Alexa allows tracking of the global web of your own site and the competitor’s website. It is one of the must have group buy seo tools that can be used to transform data into a competitive value to use for your business. If you have the Moz toolbar, you will be able to see the ranking of any website via Alexa. It enables you to spy on the backlinks, keywords and traffic of the competitors.

You can compare websites of a similar niche with Alexa and get date on the overall picture of the competitors and sit rankings.

SE Ranking

SE helps you monitor up to five projects per website. You can screen the search rankings on any engines. It enables you to get a detailed report on the main competitors, including the average person’s data, traffic forecast, and visibility of website. In addition to that, you can also assemble the data for the home page of any followed query. The tool helps you in getting the top ten websites for every query that you have.


InfiniGraph is the tool that trends on the social media circles. It combines the interactions between the consumers and the brand in real time. It uses targets to find out about the current popular brands and their content.

You will be able to pay attention to the most powerful influencers easily and get their content for a full proof campaign as well. It allows you to get the insight of the targeted audience.

Monitor Backlinks

Despite being new to the market, it has earned great respect. It helps you in tracking various competitors and backlinks. Moreover, allows you to disclose a bunch of negative backlinks, enabling you to find quality ones.

The features don’t end here, you can also track bloggers and webmasters in your field by building up your own link strategy and you can also estimate the traffic increase based on the keywords.

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